Desliz / Slip: "The Dangerous Islands", by Séamas Cain

"The Dangerous Islands", by Séamas Cain

Launching in conjunction

with the IMRAM Festival

in Dublin, Ireland :

"The Dangerous Islands"

by Séamas Cain //

and with a Preface by

the poet Sheila E. Murphy //

is published by

The Red Jasper *

Dr. Kit Fryatt, Curator //

ISBN 978-0-9563001-1-9

OCLC WorldCat : 745909186

For comments on this novel by Alan Sondheim, Anny Ballardini, Gabriel
Rosenstock, JL Williams, Jeff Harrison, Dr. John M. Bennett, Liam
Carson, Raymond Deane, Thomas Goggin, Professor W.D. Hamilton, and
Yoyo Yogasmana, go to ...

And for comments on this novel by Dr. Allan Antliff, Eileen R. Tabios,
Dr. Francis Carroll, Jeffrey Side, John M. Bradley, Nicholas O'Brien,
Peter L. Freeman, Rick Allard, Shozo Shimamoto, and Steve Dalachinsky,
go to ...

For a collection of “manifestoes and fragments”

written by Séamas Cain during the time of

Civil War in Northern Ireland, 1965-1998, go to ...

"The Dangerous Islands"

is available from

GREGORY CARR in Dublin ...



BOEKIE WOEKIE in Amsterdam ...

MAGERS & QUINN in Minneapolis ...

And for additional information, go to ...

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