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Cuban Science Fiction Feature shot guerrilla style

BLUE HEART: Cuban Science Fiction Feature shot guerrilla style, mixing documentary and fiction through heavy use of digital manipulation. 

Currently seeking funds for its completion. (For contributions click here


After the boom in Human Genetic Engineering, octogenarian leader Fidel Castro sets out to build a superior New Man that will transform the crumbling Cuban Socialist system into a model society. A few years later Cuba is ravaged by pollution and acid rains, becoming economically dependent on Chinese off-shore drilling. Inheriting the worse of communism and capitalism, the country has become a corrupt dystopia on permanent crisis mode. The New Men turned out to be powerful but uncontrollable. Outcasts of the very system that created them, they are out to destroy the very fabric of society with devastating consequences.

In tradition with my style of filmmaking this is being shot guerrilla style as a one man crew, mixing documentary with fiction through heavy manipulation of the images in postproduction. I expect to complete Principal Photography with a budget of 25 000 Euros.

More information about Miguel Coyula:

The first four minutes of the film: 

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