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Mail Art Call: Fluxus Now!


fluxus-email-visualization-081014-03Image by gabor papp via Flickr

Enviado por Jim Leftwich (Roanoke, VA)

Mail Art Call: Fluxus Now!

mail art and fluxus have been closely connected for over 40 years. as a celebration and exploration of the continuing vitality of both practices we are planning a mail art exhibit entitled FLUXUS NOW!. please send visual poems, soundworks, fluxus boxes, event scores, objects, images, books, booklets, TLPs, broadsides, manifestos, videos, and any other fluxus materials you find and/or create. critiques of this proposal are also welcome and will be included in the exhibit.

the exhibit will be presented as a part of the 2010 roanoke marginal arts festival.

dates for the festival are february 11 - 16, 2010.

the deadline for submissions is february 1, 2010.

Size/Medium/Technique: Free
No jury. No fees. No returns.
Documentation: on Flickr, the blog zine textimagepoem, and as a pdf of the blog zine (please include your email address for notification of documentation)

all work will become part of the textimagepoem archive of mail art and visual poetry.

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