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Welcome to the Miami Art Salon!

DSC08394Image by gi+cri via FlickrWelcome to the Miami Art Salon!

Please mark your calendars for our first gathering on Tuesday, August 17, from 6-8PM at 801 Projects, which is located at 801 SW 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33130.

The Miami Art Salon will be an experiment in active, participatory, organic, spontaneous, collaborative art. We will work together to engage in and produce art in an experimental format, develop new ideas, discuss art, and share practices. Each time we meet, different participating artists will bring key words, ideas, images, movements, sounds, tools, etc., to the group to inspire thought, dialogue, and production.

Please feel free to email us with any questions at
On November 2 from 6-8PM, we will invite the public into 801 Projects to view the outcomes of our collaborations. This isn’t an exhibition, but more of a way to invite the public in to see the processes and outcomes of an experiment in collaborative art-making and discussion. The shape it takes is entirely up to what we do from August - October.

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Miami ARt Salon Calendar
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