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Call for videos: 4TH Edition of the International Video-Art Festival Camagüey 2011


Please, send your works and be part of a new gathering with the Big Family of the Video-Art, again to take place in Camagüey, Cuba, from November 25th to November 29th, 2011. Our Festival provides the chance for both, young artist and renowned artists, to send in fresh video-art pieces you can participate with, and be part of a genuine a-vanguard event. The Festival is open to all artists, national and foreign, with no distinction in age or sex whatsoever.If the International Video-Art Festival, Camagüey 2011 is of your interest, and if you are an independent artist, a gallery owner, a representative of any organization or institution linked to the Arts, a curator, or an art critic, we are already inviting you to send your art-work to compete for the International Video-Art Festival Award in this 4th Edition. The deadline to submit the art-works will be August 31st of the current year. (The date stamped by the post-office which certifies the piece as “mailed” will be taken into account for the submission acceptance).
For any further information, please contact: 

Diana Rosa Pérez
General Producer and Coordinator

Hotel Sede : Gran Hotel de Camagüey
Agencia Receptiva : HAVANATUR
Contacto : Ibrahim Manuel Brull Milanes
Especialista Comercial Eventos e Incentivos Havanatur Receptivo T&T

Email:  Telf: (53 7) 201-9761 

DIR: Horca #194  A / Bembeta y Sedano
CP: 70 100.
Telef. (53) 032 25 62 53
Camagüey – Cuba

Please read: Guidlines Call for videos 4TH Edition of the International Video-Art Festival Camagüey, Cuba


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