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Languaje to cover a wall: successful digital exhibition at EPC

 By Loss Pequeño Glazier

A note to report the LANGUAGE TO COVER A WALL digital exhibition opening was a stunning success! My appreciation for support and collaboration from all in the effort to conceive of and bring to light this singular exhibition -- sited on the full second floor of the University Gallery!

In the main floor gallery, the extraordinary exhibition on visual poetries -- a truly prime selection -- curated by Poetics at Buffalo and the UB Poetry Collection, combines with the digital poetry exhibition to give a sweeping view of poetries in various media, investigating diverging, digressing, and stunning VISTAS of the word.

The opening evening featured an outstanding talk and sound poetry performance.

As to the digital poetry fete --
the digital poetry portion of the exhibition will culminate in a digital poetry weekend, with a dance and digital poetry concert on Feb. 3 and a digital poetry performance gala on Feb. 4th. In addition to the premiers of new works, some of the works in the exhibition will be performed at the dance concert, allowing for multiple settings of digital works, presented by local choreographers, international poets, and two digital poets in residence. (Some of these works have been installed in a sound rich gallery sound room, giving the pieces an immersive and auditory-physical context.) A multifaceted, international, multidisciplinary, multimedia celebration!

It was exciting to further see the Digital Exhibition receiving nothing but positive and enthusiastic responses from numerous artists, faculty, students, and the Buffalo arts community -- attendees were truly delighted! (Numerous class projects at UB will also be based on the exhibition. This is offers a productive way to extend the reception of these works, to extend into the curriculum, a way of maybe extending the field.

Sincere thanks to all the contributors and supporters for advice and help with this event. Please feel invited to come and see the exhibition -- or to come for the February performance weekend! You are ENTHUSIASTICALLY invited!

Web site in progress, with more to come! (It's only a beginning ...)

E-Poetry bests -- in exuberant winter light!

All are welcome in February! You can see the performances and the exhibition all in one weekend!


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