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"The Pearl Necklace": Accent Alternative Art Space

Accent Alternative Art Space Presents

"The Pearl Necklace" (El Collar de Perlas), Symbolism, Hierarchy and Gesture in the Art of ALONSO MATEO OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, March 17, 2012 – from: 7 to 10:00 p.m. 
collar de perlas
BIRD ROAD ART WALK OPENING: Saturdays, April 21st and May 19th 
LOCATION: Accent Alternative Art Space. 4841 SW 75th Avenue. Miami, FL 33155
DATES: March 17 to May 21, 2012 
“The Pearl Necklace” a showing of new works by Alonso Mateo, features a series of eight photos titled: “El Pelo Crece” (The Hair Grows); two sculpture-installations and the video-installation: “La Vuelta a la Manzana” (A Walk Around the Block).
This remarkable series of works spans the vision of an artist whose graceful creations and poignant symbolism utilizes disparate objects to explore the nature of subjectivity and introspection: “I’m interested in placing emphasis on the weight of the objects presented and my work deals with the themes of identity and fall – both in the physical, as well as in the symbolic sense.” says the artist.
In the video-installation “La Vuelta a la Manzana” (A Walk Around the Block), the
viewer climbs a ramp to a wall with an opening through which a video may be watched. The video describes a circular tour of four Havana streets; a “vuelta a la manzana”—or walk around the block. A walk intended to kill time, or for pure enjoyment – as when one has nothing else to do. The video was made in Cuba in 2011.

Circularity, voids, necklaces, furniture fragments– are all part of the alchemy with which Mr. Mateo conjures his idiosyncratic take on the themes of memory, personal ties, amulets and identity; a giant necklace fashioned from wooden drawers hangs on a velvet cord; an origami pendant nests an electric toaster in its center.

Mr. Mateo has invited two artists to share the space. On display will also be a sculpture by Esteban Blanco and a video by Yolyanko William. “These works coincide with the ideas I’m developing here, that’s why I think it’s appropriate to invite these two artists.”

“El Collar de Perlas” is a hauntingly poetic presentation, a side glance into beauty and memory, at once held dear and long gone.


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