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Designing post-communism


Recent political imaginaries in Cuban contemporary art

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked by the end of “real state socialism” signaled a permanent concern in eastern visual and material culture. In this sense socialist aesthetics far from disappearing flooded new ways of reimagining and reconstructing the past under the sign of the so called post-communist condition. While archaic forms of the socialist image production emerged as ways of rethinking a past history, contemporary art began reexamining its artistic and linguistic legacies.

The exhibition “Designing Post-Communism: recent political imaginaries in Cuban contemporary art”, tries to bear witness to this paradigmatic change in contemporary culture from the singular venue and experience of the Cuban Revolution. The exhibition features four important artists of the contemporary Cuban art scene– Ezequiel Suarez, Filio Galvez, Hamlet Lavastida, and Rodolfo Peraza. These artists’ artistic productions try to come to terms with the socialist experience in an array of representational techniques. Whether exploring the moralizing experience of the “new man” through new-media digital forms such as video games, capturing the ruins of hidden soviet inspired architecture in Havana, or appropriating the design and surfaces of visual propaganda during the first decade of Castroism of the 1960s; these artists appropriate the imaginaries of communism to understand the passing away of utopia as catastrophe.

Curated by Gerardo Munoz, this show tries to articulate the relation between past communist imaginaries and its multiple reconstructions by contemporary artists through two main loci: design and political ideology.

The exhibition will include texts by Gerardo Munoz, and Ivan de la Nuez.

This exhibition will open July 6, 2012 at Collage Gallery 154 Almeria Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134. For RSVP (305) 444-4848.
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